from by Ataxia!



Recorded by Rick Aube in Funeral Home basement.


Wake up in the morning, laying on my floor
Mouth is pasty, head is sore
Cider hit me hard
It's time for some more, to even me out
And get me out the door

No Cider in my sight, my fridge is fucking empty
All my cider's gone,I need some in my belly
My head is in a fog, it's too fucking early
Time to get some more ,to stop feeling shitty!

Open my fridge, no cider in sight!
Drank it all in one night, got stupid fucking drunk
Friends all around, time to do it all again
Til we hit the ground


from Ataxia! Demo 2016, track released November 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Ataxia! Ottawa, Ontario

Aaron- Guitar
Kailey- Bass
Scott- Drums
Frank- Vocals

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